Tuesday, 16 June 2015

MAXI Skirts: The Trend That Never Dies !! ( Tips and tricks)

Hi Loves! Hope you're having a nice week!   Today I will show you how to wear maxi skirts..........maxi skirts have a place in every woman's wardrobe, And no matter your height, you can wear this skirt well. Choosing the right fabric, matching it with a pretty top and nice shoes are the key to look great in it......For me, cant get enough of them. Different colors and designs makes these skirts so comfortable, modest yet fashionable......I love wearing them in hot summer days and nights instead of skinny and tight pants ........There are many ways to wear maxi skirts; So, Let's know more about them ....

-Many women think maxi skirts look better on tall girls but that’s not true.  because if you wear it with some hot trendy high heel shoes, you will look amazing.

- You can create a daily look or classy one with maxi skirts by wearing them with a top or a denim shirt with sneakers for a trendy cool day look and with a nice blouse or a simple T-shirt and a blazer  for a casual chic look.

-Wear them with heels or flats, whatever you find yourself better with.

-Rock your flowy skirt by pairing it with a pair of flat sandals and a draped top with some accessories for a girly look .

-To create a night look ...wear a maxi flowy skirt with heels! this is a perfect look for an evening out or for an event. It’s feminine and effortless.

-Floral or printed maxi skirts are so feminine and trendy ....you can wear them with a solid color top or a denim top for a girly and fresh summer look.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

How to Find the Sexiest Swimsuit for Your Body Shape! (Swimsuit Guide) !!

 One of the most difficult things to do is to shop for swimsuits, It's rare to find the best one easily....we try on about 40 and walk out not only without buying anything , but also very disappointed.......we all know that a swimsuit is a must-have piece in our summer vacation suitcase and it should be perfect and fits our bodies very well to avoid embarrassing situations during swimming and tanning time on the beach ......And To help make sure that will not happen to you this season, I’ve got some tips on how to find the perfect swimsuit for you...........But first let's take a look on the most popular body shapes and that of course will help you to figure out yours and  that will help you choosing the right swimsuit for you ;)

keep scrolling beautiful ladies ............

1- Hourglass Body Type.

Lucky you! Hourglass shapes look great in almost any style...classic styles are perfect for showing off your curves and also go for a one-piece swimsuit, it gives an optical illusion plus offers figure-flattering shirring ..... avoid mix - matched tops and bottoms because different colors can make your body look disproportional.

2- Inverted triangle.

It's all about support.....so ,go for halter tops that can be tied around the neck and back to get a perfect fit.... details such as frills or belts on your lower half will help balance out your shape.......avoid bandeaus , it doesn't give enough support.

3- Pear.

If you have a pear shaped body then your wide parts are your butt and hips ......stick to styles that are darker at the bottom and lighter at the top...Color blocking is a simple slim down trick.....High waist bikinis will draw the attention upward, especially if you pair it will a full coverage top. This puts all of the attention right at your slim waist!

4- Rectangle(athletic/boyish figure)

Cut-outs create the illusion of a waist for athletic bodies.......go for it.

5- Apple.